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The Ochs Center staff have extensive experience in the analysis of non-profit and governmental budgets and operations. The Ochs Center's president is the former chief financial officer of the city of Chattanooga and also chaired the city's general pension plan. Prior to that he served as the lead advisor on budget policy to New York City's second highest elected official and was a member of the senior management team in the New York City comptroller's office. He currently is the treasurer of one of the nation's largest non-profit organizations focused on offender re-entry.


The Ochs Center's senior policy analyst, Bill Tharp, previously served as a finance officer in metro Nashville's Office of Management and Budget. His areas of expertise include education and economic development.


The Ochs Center has worked with local non-profit organizations in Chattanooga to both review and develop operational budgets. In addition, the Ochs Center staff have worked nationally on budget and operational reviews including an operational and budget assessment of one of the nation's largest local non-profit organizations focused on services for children, Macomb County, Michigan; the City of New Orleans; the Philadelphia School Reform Commission; the City of Portsmouth, Virginia; and Shelby County, Tennessee.


Market Street Bridge spanning the Tennessee River

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