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The Ochs Center -
Evaluation in Chattanooga

Sketchy City

An independent team of program evaluators sharing results that inform the way Chattanooga thinks, lives, works, and interacts.

Data you can see.

Insights you can use.

About Us

The Ochs Center is the only organization in the Chattanooga region that provides a full array of research and data analysis services for local non-profit organizations and local government.


We look forward to hearing from you.

The Ochs Center is Chattanooga's #1 resource for program evaluation, grant writing assistance, funding development, grant evaluation, proposal development and writing, community research, program measurement and effectiveness evaluation, data collection, analysis, and validation, statistical analysis, comparative analysis, benchmarking, and other assistance for non-profit agencies, government agencies, museums, art agencies, child education and development resource agencies, and many more.

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