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The Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies is the only organization in the Chattanooga region that provides a full array of research and data analysis services for local non-profit organizations and local government:


  • Collects and analysis of administrative data from government agencies or non-profit programs

  • Public policy and best practices research

  • Survey design and analysis

  • Roundtables and focus groups

  • Program evaluation

  • Economic impact analysis and modeling

  • Budgetary and operational reviews

  • Assessment of community conditions


Our mission is to provide independent evaluations and research to inform decision-making that impacts the way communities think, live, work, and interact.


The Ochs Center has served the Chattanooga area since 1962 when it was founded as the Metropolitan Council for Community Services, the first non-governmental and non-profit health and human service planning agency in the region. At that time the focus of the organization was service to children and the poor. Since that time its service focus has ranged from literacy to child care analysis to non-profit agency support.

The current leadership brings a breadth of experience in needs assessment and analysis, strategic planning, data collection and analysis, systematic program review and outcome-based evaluation.


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